PAWGETHER Desktop Aquarium GR Mini/Minis is officially launched!


When we were young, we used to listen to fairy tales about the Land of Lilliput,

Yearning to enter that miniature world,Cute and filled with childlike wonder.

As we grow older, we develop a fondness for miniature landscapes,

Occasionally daydreaming while gazing at the exquisite scenery in fish tanks.

Do you, as a fish lover, feel the same way?

🔵 More delicate and compact, creating a desktop smart aquatic ecosystem.

🔵 Original wireless water pump, innovative magnetic induction technology in operation.

🔵 Green plants planted on the top, where the sky and the sea can coexist.

🔵 Ultra-clear high-definition glass, allowing you to see this miniature aquatic world clearly.

🔵 Water and electricity separation structure, integrated circuit hidden inside.

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