PAWGETHER in 2023 Pet Fair Asia!Looking forward to our next gathering!


From August 16th to 20th, 2023, the 25th Pet Fair Asia made a grand return after a three-year hiatus, and PAWGETHER marked its comeback since its debut at the Shanghai Pet Fair Asia.

PAWGETHER insists on the combination of scientific pet-parenting style and aesthetic design for family with pets and fishes, aiming to be an internationally well-known pet and aquarium products company. As a leading OEM/ODM supplier with over 150000 square meter factories, top-notch R&D team, strict quality control standard and advanced manufacturing and testing equipments, we has obtained more than 400 patent certificates globally and expanded into more than 80 countries. We always strive to create more innovative and high quality products to enrich pet family's life.

Event Highlights: Refreshing Summer-themed Design Draw Attention

According to preliminary estimates, the five-day Pet Fair Asia brought together over 250,000 professional attendees and pet enthusiasts. The PAWGETHER booth stood out as a refreshing summer scene, attracting visitors for photo opportunities and engaging in activities like lucky draws. The atmosphere was lively and vibrant throughout the event.

Feedback from Visitors: "The products from PAWGETHER not only have a aestheic appearance but also possess intelligent features that genuinely address my needs. They contribute to the healthy growth of my beloved pets. After purchasing their products online before, I was already impressed. Seeing them exhibiting in Shanghai was a great opportunity to explore their offerings offline and choose some new products for my furry companions."

At the exhibition, the PAWGETHER team patiently introduced the distinctive features of each product to the visitors, enabling them to gain a deeper understanding of our offerings. Additionally, we set up a dedicated area for experiencing our new products, where a range of fresh items were showcased in real-life scenarios, allowing visitors to truly feel and experience them firsthand.

"Annual Product Brand Award," marking the progress of our brand.

Thanks to everyone's support and affection, PAWGETHER stood out in the annual Asia Pet Awards, receiving the prestigious "Annual Product Brand Award". This recognition not only showcases our strength and limitless potential but also serves as an acknowledgment of our brand's capability and an encouragement for the future.We always strive to create more innovative and high quality products to enrich pet family's life.

The conclusion of the Pet Fair Asia marks not an end but the beginning of a fresh chapter. PAWGETHER will continue to innovate and provide you with more creative and high-quality pet products. We extend our gratitude to every loyal and new friend for your support and affection. We look forward to our next encounter.

PAWGETHER, Love Together!

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